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Update 2017 : This download is obsolete and development of this software was stopped in 2014. Some people still find it useful so this site is up for reference. You are free to use and study this software as you please. No support will be provided.
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  • RazorFlow PHP is currently in the beta period, and is free to evaluate and use during this period.
  • After the beta period is over, you will require a license to use RazorFlow PHP for commercial use. RazorFlow PHP will be Free for non-commercial use after the beta period.
  • An evaluation version of RazorFlow PHP will be available even after the beta period.
  • Pricing information will be made available towards the end of the beta period.

For more information, please see the RazorFlow PHP Beta License Agreement

System Requirements:

  • Apache Webserver with PHP Support. We recommend XAMPP (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) to develop using RazorFlow PHP
  • PHP 5.3+
  • PDO with SQLite and MySQL extensions installed

1008 - JSON and XML Data Sources | 14 June 2013

Connect to JSON and XML data over HTTP

1007 - Array Data Source | 12 May 2013

This release contains the RazorFlow Array Data Source – which lets you build interactive Dashboards with data from PHP arrays.

1006 - Embed dashboards using jQuery plugin | 01 May 2013

Embed a RazorFlow dashboard into any web page using the RazorFlow PHP jQuery plugin.

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