Business Demos

These demos simulate real-life business usage of RazorFlow PHP. We have built industry and function-specific demos like Sales Dashboard, Retail Inventory Dashboard, and an Executive Overview Dashboard that depict real-life scenarios. View these examples to get inspired and learn RazorFlow PHP best practices.

  • Sales Dashboard

    A simple but powerful dashboard for sales reps. This Dashboard is for a company selling scale models of cars.

    This dashboard is designed to provide a high level overview of sales trends but also have access to all sales records which can be filtered quickly and easily.

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  • Executive Dashboard

    A high level overview designed for the busy executive who always needs up-to-date information on the most metrics of his business.

    Simple, yet effective KPIs and Gauges give status at a glance, and charts provide important summarized data.

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  • Inventory Dashboard

    An extremely effective Dashboard for inventory and supply-chain managers.

    Make critical purchasing decisions on the go with summarized high level overviews, and also filter and find the exact status of a single product in the warehouse, even from a mobile device.

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Feature Demos

These Demo Dashboards explore specific features of RazorFlow PHP.

  • Chart Types

    RazorFlow has support for several types of charts with single and multiple series.

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  • KPI Types

    A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a simple but powerful component supported by RazorFlow.

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  • Tables

    RazorFlow PHP has great support for tables, including auto sorting, pagination and filter.

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  • Filters

    Filters are a flexible and extremely easy way to help your users find exactly the data they need.

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  • Drill down into same chart

    Drill downs let your users see several dimensions of data, from a high level summary to more detail.

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  • Drill down into other chart

    You can also use one chart to trigger drill downs on other charts, letting your users explore data.

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  • SocialAuth

    You can use RazorFlow SocialAuth to enable authentication to your dashboards with Google, Twitter and LinkedIn as providers.

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  • Embedding a Dashboard

    Embed your RazorFlow dashboard into your custom web application using the RazorFlow jQuery Plugin.

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