HTML5 Dashboards without the Headache

Stop worrying about cross-browser and cross-device quirks. Build interactive dashboards in minutes using RazorFlow PHP.

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On-the-go dashboards for your mobile workforce

Our HTML5 Dashboards enable your users to access and monitor critical data out of office, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions. Your executives, travelling sales or marketing reps, or field technicians are always updated.

Works seamlessly across devices

The dashboards can be rendered on any HTML5 enabled smartphone, tablet or browser, thereby allowing your users to consume information on their PCs, Macs, Android devices, iPads, iPhones and a plethora of other devices.

User-centric experience makes data fun to explore

The dashboards automatically adapt to the device on which it is being rendered. On a desktop, laptop or tablet, the dashboard is rendered in full, wheras on smartphones with limited screen space, a condensed view of the dashboard is shown using tiles. In addition, interactive charts with drill-down allow users to explore from summarized data to detailed items.

What is RazorFlow PHP?

RazorFlow PHP is a framework to build interactive, cross-device dashboards using PHP code.

Use an intuitive PHP API to configure the parts of your dashboard, and RazorFlow will process the data and intelligently render the dashboard according to the form-factor and capabilities of the user's device.

Responsive dashboards in HTML5

The dashboards are rendered in HTML5 and are completely responsive, allowing for a seamless viewing experience across PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Real-time dashboards that are always up to date

RazorFlow PHP connects to your MySQL databases and renders the dashboards in real-time. RazorFlow PHP's API allows you to quickly retrieve data from your databases, and apply joins, grouping or sorting the way you want it.

Variety of chart types to choose from

RazorFlow PHP allows you to choose a multitude of chart types or KPI displays, allowing you to present a right face for your data. All the charts are rendered in HTML5 and have interactive options like tool-tips, drill-down, clickable legends etc.

Reduce Delivery time from days to minutes

With RazorFlow PHP, you can now deliver interactive dashboards that work across platforms and devices in minutes. Creating tables or charts that drill-down into another chart is a minute-long affair. Providing an interface to users to filter the data displayed on dashboard takes another few minutes. Plus, you never have to worry about cross-browser or cross-device issues, thereby always focussing on what matters.

Easy to get started

You need to create a single PHP File to create a dashboard with RazorFlow.

  1. Include "razorflow.php" in your file
  2. Connect to your Database
  3. Configure a component
  4. Add the component to the dashboard and render it

Excited? Create your first Dashboard in 30 minutes with our Quick Start. Get inspired by our business demos with full source code and comments. Comprehensive, in-depth documentation with over 85 examples.

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support. We'll be happy to help!

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